How can non-EU boats sail in European waters?

Using the temporary admission procedure a private boat is temporarily admitted into the EU. It can move from one Member State to another with no further customs formalities during the 18- month period allowed.

How can a yacht be placed under TA? Just crossing the frontier of the customs territory of the Union is in generally sufficient. But, you may be required to use a route specified by customs and they may require you to make an oral or written customs declaration. It is possible they may require the provision of some kind of security or guarantee to cover the payment of the customs duties and VAT that become due if the boat does not leave the EU.

Can you have another period of Temporary Importation? How long must you wait? Yes, you are not limited to a single period of temporary import. You can sail the yacht out of the EU and when you came back again a new period of temporary admission can begin. The customs rules  do not provide for a 'minimum period' during which the goods must remain outside of the customs territory of the Union.

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